Bio of Richard F. Dole, CFA

Richard began his career as a trader executing orders in global futures, options and currency markets on behalf of institutional clients. He further pursued his passion for finance by becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).  Richard became a portfolio manager and worked on portfolio construction, asset allocation and quantitative strategies. He later became responsible for all phases of portfolio management from portfolio design and implementation to daily managing and monitoring.

Having always had an entrepreneurial drive, Richard founded Whistler Asset Management in the belief that investors should have access to a level of investment expertise and market analysis above that of traditional, passive investment strategies. Richard designed his business model to allocate investor accounts in parallel to his own utilizing quantitative strategies with fundamental analysis. In this manner Whistler Asset Management is the fulfillment of what had been a decades long desire to create an investment firm that manages client accounts with the same care, dedication and pursuit of return as he devotes to his own.

“By structuring Whistler Asset Management in a way that allocates market exposure identically across all accounts, including my own, each individual investor’s account is being monitored and analyzed on a daily basis. In this way, should any investor call asking about his or her portfolio, I can immediately explain not only in which stocks he or she is invested, but also the analysis and reasoning behind each of those positions, what I see in the current market, what I am watching for future moves in the market, and how his or her portfolio should be adjusted to adapt to those changes.” – Richard Dole, President